Touchy Bo-Bouchy

Posted: December 9, 2015 in Uncategorized

I find myself craving new music lately, something that I’ve definitely not put an emphasis on in my life in 2015. For various reasons, it was something very important to me in times past, and I’ve both thought and had someone indirectly suggest that perhaps it is because I am transitioning into an “older” period of my life, where such things just aren’t as necessary, but I can tell you that I think that is not the case. Instead, I know that the only time I have been listening to music lately is while I work, and there is definitely an issue with me and music while trying to work. Whether because I enjoy it too much or because it jumbles the words in my head, any song with lyrics listened to while working tends to draw away from my productivity. So I’ve been focused more on instrumentals and things I know I like that don’t require the same amount of attention. It gets the job done, quite literally, but it does leave me yearning for more. Maybe in the new year, I should resolve to take more time to just listen to music.


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