Long Distance Itch, Local Scratch

Posted: December 17, 2015 in Uncategorized

I think, at times like this, on a weekday morning, of the husky depth, the seductive darkness of roast duck. There are few meats so succulent and alluring, save perhaps stewed chicken thighs, or hearts cooked to perfection, those delightful bits. The color, the smell, the humidity, all of these aspects call to mind a most perfect of meals, crafted with experience and confidence. Perfect for the holidays. Perfect for any occurrence of any importance. But how did we get there? How did the lowly, humble duck become that most regal of game? And yet at the same time how do these creatures seem so relatively common and their meat so relatively uncommon? That, like many such questions, is a story of American efficiency. But knowing what we know could we not attempt the commonality of duck meat? Could we not make every night a memorable night; sinking into the couch in a pair of pajama bottoms, with unremoved makeup and proudly displayed undershirt, sinking teeth into duck meat? Would it not be a splendid way to spend a Wednesday evening?


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