Ham and Swiss Ennui

Posted: December 21, 2015 in Uncategorized

Welcome to the holiday season! I hope you have lots of food in your near future, family, friends, presents (both giving and receiving), allllll that beautiful bean footage. I’m in a decent position to actually tackle 2016 in a rebounding fashion. Not sure on all of the details just yet, can’t speak to how good things are going to be, but I can confirm that at least to start, 2016 > 2015. And that’s just basic mathematics right there. I don’t know that things will stay that way, I’m certainly going to work on my health, and try and tackle whatever comes my way (as some big changes seem to be on the horizon in more ways than one), but it’s nice to have one piece of the puzzle looking like it’s being handled. I even got closure in the sense of a usual anxiety dream of mine. This time, instead of being my age and needing to finish high school, I was there after hours, for a reunion. There were still curious elements, but in my brain, it feels like I’m moving on.


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