Burn Everything Slightly

Posted: December 22, 2015 in Uncategorized

I don’t like to be thirsty, dehydrated, sweaty to the point that fluids are just a must. I don’t like getting to that point, and I don’t like the feeling that comes when I chug down two glasses of water to balance out that feeling. But man, there’s something to be said to be so starved for liquid that you gulp down half a glass of euphoria, let it just bubble down and settle, that gasping “ahh”, the removal of oral dryness, all of that is just so worth it. So when you go without something, want it enough to get it, to binge on it, but leave enough to keep you from going without it again. If you have to be in want, don’t waste it all away and look forward to the next hopeful future opportunity to get your hands on what you want again. Ration. Moderate. Plan. Snowman. Trashcan. Superfan.


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