Posted: December 23, 2015 in Uncategorized

For those that have the energy, for those that rise out of bed naturally or with the assistance of hot, black coffee, the day is a burst of energy wasted upon getting ready. And then once ready, the day devolves into a sort of freefall, spiraling down toward lunch, past the takeout meal or the pre-prepared salad in a plastic container, through the lazy afternoon with its lack of production back into bed. There is not so much an arc to it as there is a roller coaster design. While sleeping, there is the slow ascension. Just a rhythmic ticking until the top is reached. And then there’s the first drop, that adrenaline-producing rush of dropping through space so quickly. Then about halfway through, that fear of speed subsides and the large drops and twists give way to a sort of quick coasting that lacks thrill but instead has a kind of comfort to it. I suppose in this allegory there is no line to wait in. Just a continuous carnival ride.


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