End, Beginning, Deadline

Posted: December 28, 2015 in Uncategorized

As the year comes to a close, I find myself very busy. Holidays, friends in from out of town, deadlines of existing jobs, the opening of new professional opportunities. Not a lot of sleep, not a lot of personal free time, but I know that I could have these things if I wanted them. I took the opportunity of the snowing days to sleep in solitude, as the power flickered, as the satellite television struggled in vain to find a signal. I curled up and slept. Not with any great strides, though it was restful and wonderful. I slept in napping fits, hours here and hours there but not through a full night. So that’s how my year seems slated to end: tired, frantic, dashing from one thing to the next. Sleeping when I can. Not that things are so busy that I can’t, but because I’m so busy that my body doesn’t feel much of a need to, save for a few hours at a time. So, okay. I can deal with that. Though I wouldn’t mind going to bed soon as it stands.


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