Some Kind of Bullshit

Posted: December 29, 2015 in Uncategorized

Good day. Short. Too much wasted time. But lots of food. Delicious food. Boxes. Wrapping paper. Surprises. Genuine surprises. So now the face looks into the mirror, freckles on the nose, freckles dotting the smooth hills of the high cheeks. An overdue grooming. A consideration for all the things that need be done that have not yet found their time. And will they find that time in this year, before the year coughs its last day and fades into only memory from that day forward? He hits the space bar. Pounds it more deliberately with the corner of his side-turned thumb. Prays it isn’t going out. It’s always the space bar, that creator of dependable nothing, itself prone to wear and tear. Too much usage. Too much blankness between ideas, behind words, before action. A metaphor, for what we humans create. More nothing than anything. Just a lot of things that don’t get the opportunity to be remembered later on.

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