They Said You Moved Away

Posted: January 11, 2016 in Uncategorized

A sobering reminder that as life goes on, as we watch our football games and lumber through movies from our childhood that were neither good nor worth remembering, as we work on our to-do lists that apply only to the situation that arises when our six numbers match those six numbers, as we oversleep the taste of cough medicine out of our mouths and raise eyebrows before even eyelids can be opened, as we stay up too late to get a head start on business before business can open, as we hunker in beneath blankets and wrap linen hoods around our faces even when the wind is blocked by walls, as days turn to nights turn to Tuesdays turn to time lost and left wondering where had gone to (was it last seen slipped beneath the cushions of the couch?), a most sobering reminder that time passes and with it, so do the people who live and thrive and cherish it as best as they can. And just like that time, getting them back requires a bit more ingenuity than our collective desperation has proved to provide.


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