Captain We Are Sinking

Posted: February 12, 2016 in Uncategorized

Trying things differently again, it’s about that time of year. The old system was working, and I ashamed to admit that it was working well enough to continue on, but that I painted myself into a bit of a corner as far as responsibilities were concerned and so I chose to change gears and directions for this year. So far I am feeling better, but I need to measure the sustainability of this system in the long-term. For now, it has reduced a buildup of anxiety that I have had bubbling and manifesting in strange ways. So if you see more of these blog posts, know that it is because I am trying to keep better on top of them, trying to not do a few things well every week but to do lots of things decently-to-good every day. And that includes vomiting a gross words onto a digital notepad and leaving it hung up on the fridge for later, for somebody, at some point.


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