The DJ Asked Me To Scream

Posted: February 16, 2016 in Uncategorized

Today was good. It was satisfying in many ways, indulgent in many ways. And I am still working on being the whole productive bloobity-blah that I want to reach. Not as quickly as I would like, but when the time came for me to have a quiet moment alone, my first thought was not to turn on the TV or take a shower, it was an anticipation to sit down and get some work done. And it feels good to really lasso that feeling again, that empowered sense of being in charge. You might think being self-employed and being your own boss go hand in hand, but sometimes you become the worker. And when you do that, you look for ways to cut corners sometimes. Well, I’m back in the driver’s seat and liking it. The warm spring air coming in through the open window, even at night, it fills me with energy and the drive to do big things. And that’s how I feel.


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