Cold Helicopter Made Colder

Posted: February 22, 2016 in Uncategorized

Got up early this morning. Didn’t sleep well. Fell asleep just fine, great in fact. Head hit pillow, boom. Out. Opened the window for some fresh air, mmm, nice, smells good, tastes good, lots of oxygen. Perfect for sleeping. Had some really, truly fucked up dreams. Dreams about being molested, about wrongful accusations and defending friends from said accusations. Woke up in the middle of the night. Heard sounds. Curious, but too tired. Rolled over, slept. Better dreams. Woke up. Later. No sounds. Head full of snot. Getting sick? Not sure, too tired to check. Blow nose twice, get back into bed. More sleep. Woke up again, too stuffy to keep sleeping. Think it was about 5:30. Got up, had a soda. Shouldn’t still be drinking soda, but I know how my body works. Halfway through soda, no more congestion. Feeling better. Getting stuff done. Stuff is done. More stuff to do. Reading? Laundry? Dishes? Event organization? Business call? Emails emails emails, soup for lunch, training, feeling good. Feeling better now. Then more sleep later.


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