Yearning, Weakness

Posted: February 23, 2016 in Uncategorized

I let myself get away with too much. This is an ongoing, long-standing problem for me, and one that I have been resolving to take care of, working very hard throughout this month to strive for more and do better. But then while pushing myself in those pursuits, I become lax in others: fitness, mental health, eating well. It’s difficult to become a well-rounded person that functions highly in all aspects, it’s like trying to do everything at once. The phrase something’s gotta give is true in many ways, but the thing is that people are probably too fast to throw that out there, to say well yes, I can’t do that, obviously, look at how I’m doing all these other things. But instead of going 100 MPH in something and 5 MPH in something else, maybe just go 90 in as many things as you can and 35 everywhere else. That way you’re not obstructing traffic, y’know?


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