Chapping at Hearts

Posted: February 25, 2016 in Uncategorized

On top of a stack of unpaid electric bills, next to the rings of coffee stains and the unkempt counter tops, littered with paper scraps and post-it notes for reminders needed but unheeded, a hummingbird flittered and hovered into the kitchen. Right through the open window. It darted this way and that, looking for safe haven, for sugar to keep its rapidly beating heart pumping, and it found only the remnants of a breakfast unfinished. Drawing up the sugary milk from a young boy’s cereal sludge, the byproduct of a bus nearly missed, the hummingbird was sated. After some brief, uninterrupted exploring of the strange linoleum cage, it departed from whence it came, content to dart from flower to flower and dive in the warm sunshine. The life inside the house was too frantic, too chaotic to notice such a peaceful, self-confident scene of the show that the hummingbird had put on. It was the only opportunity for peace that house would see.


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