Handcuffing the Sneaks

Posted: February 28, 2016 in Uncategorized

Experienced asthma for the first time in many, many years last night. I’ve had my fair share of breathing problems sure, mostly related to nasal congestion and/or pollen and animal allergies, but asthma is a beast that has not visited me in some time. The constricting, wheezing breaths, the metallic taste, all of it was there on full display, and I recognized it instantly. I hate it. Even now, breathing is somewhat of a chore, 12 hours later. Gotta get my body right, get back to a point where that terrible condition can’t shove its fat fingers into my lungs. I’m okay, though. Nothing serious. Just a night of poor sleep and a tight chest to deal with. It’s embarrassing to be dealing with it again, not in like an “I’m ashamed to go see a professional about this” way but in a way that I thought I had slayed this dragon and my inactivity has brought it back from the dead. But I’ll beat it again. I know I will.


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