Interest Rate

Posted: February 29, 2016 in Uncategorized

It’s hard not to view Leap Day as a free day, something like a gimmie. Personally it’s a little hard to believe that people have to work this day. You would think a bureaucratic society such as ours would say “You must plan out expenses for 365 days each year, no more, no less” and so when a 366th day rolls around, well everything must shut down, nothing must work, everyone just bask in the idea that a day could materialize out of seemingly nowhere for us to enjoy. Since it’s not just a free day, I’ve gone to the lengths to get a fair amount of things done based on my to-dos, but the afternoon and the evening belong to me unless something strange and weird crops up. Then in March, a lot of long-term goals are going to be attempted. Bigger and better things. New levels of success. These are all the hot buzz words I’m going to attempt to use throughout March.


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