Submariner’s Sublament

Posted: March 15, 2016 in Uncategorized

Ten days. Ten days since my last missive, the last time I reached out to another human being. Okay, that part’s not true, but I’ve felt so isolated, so walled up in a tower that even though people have been around the whole time, I’ve been beleaguered internally, torn between wanting to lash out, to vent, and between knowing that I am of a better nature than that, that these are things I actively prevent myself from doing. The end result is a sort of hurricane, a storm brewed within myself that has tossed and spun in place so long that it has only given up steam. I am a pot bubbling and boiling over. I need release. So it only seems fitting that I would come here to do that, into my private hermitage and shout deep into the cave, knowing that the echo could be heard elsewhere but confident that it is a sound that will mostly reverberate slowly into silence. And the shout is simply this: I am tired, I am angry, and I am fighting.


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