Call Me the Wake

Posted: March 23, 2016 in Uncategorized

Another incident abroad. Another handful of lives lost. And that sounds like a dimunitization, a handful of lives. But when you think about how vast and deep a life can be, how much one life truly encompasses. Certainly more than can fit in one hand, but yet here I am using that terminology, and so you must imagine a life to be relative to the size of a grape. Or maybe that’s too many grapes for one hand. A blueberry, instead. You fit a few dozen blueberries in your hand and now you have to be careful not to drop them. It’s a lot. It’s cumbersome. Now take that again and magnify it again by all the things you’ve done in your life. Maybe that’s not a lot you say, but you’ve learned, you’ve laughed, you’ve spoken, you’ve fallen in love, you’ve cried, and you’re not done. Take all that, all that enormity you’ve resulted in, and multiply it by a few dozen. And then ask yourself why this keeps happening.


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