Confirmation Tobias

Posted: March 30, 2016 in Uncategorized

I spent so much time. So much. Just lying, and rolling, and nursing a wound and writhing and stewing in frustration and boiling over and needing answers and needing rest but being terrified to sleep. Clinging to waking life. Aching. Fearful. And then the furniture truck showed up. I started this days ago. The truck was a recent development. Not sleeping. Going to sleep a lot later. Going to get real, honest rest. Love it. Need it. It’s been a while. Too long. And until then, I guess I’m awake to do things. Got some work to get caught up on. And some reading to do, which will either get done in great time, or will send me to the pillows early. I think it’s going to put me back on schedule a couple days for some other projects, but ahead on the the important ones. And I’ll wake up tonight, or if I’m lucky, early tomorrow, and feel really good again. For a bit, at least.


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