Posted: March 31, 2016 in Uncategorized

Last night(?) I had a peculiar dream, one in which I can find many truths and many anxious feelings. I had a dream that I was selected to run a Radio Shack. One that already existed, already had a presence in the mall, one that had already had its growth, its boom, and then its decay. It had been literally abandoned from the ground up but the corporate office was adamant about its continuance. So I and a second person (someone I know but do not recall who was in the dream) inherited this task, this expectation that starting now, things have to be good, and also 1 employee, who was hired the same time as us, to be our underling. But I got no training, I didn’t know the product, I didn’t know how to operate the store, I wasn’t entirely sure what we were selling. And so instead of running a Radio Shack, I tried very hard to turn my Radio Shack into some kind of snack stand/restaurant/cafe that also sold and repaired smartphones. It was a mess.

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