O, Egg

Posted: April 2, 2016 in Uncategorized

Eggs for breakfast yesterday, eggs for breakfast today. I love being up for breakfast, but not waking up for breakfast, just being up for it. Planning out my day a bit. Need to run errands, pay bills in about an hour. Probably snag a second breakfast while I’m at it.

Got plenty of work to do, and some easy tasks to keep current on before I get to the bigger things. And there are plenty of bigger things. So I will get to them. Also, some cleaning. The dishes are sorely overdue for doing and I will probably get to those momentarily. Then, the living room ought to be cleaned up. I put it off yesterday since I chose sleeping over the company of others. It was nice to have that break, but the room still needs to be cleaned.

And also, relaxing. I mean, it is Saturday after all. But that won’t come until later. For now, I’m at peak energy, I’ve got a lot in front of me, and I’m ready to push through it.


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