Pineapple Breasts

Posted: April 3, 2016 in Uncategorized

Candy eggs today. Last night I had a weird dream about ginger, and mucus-based board games, and dead animals who were not actually dead, at least not at first. Just a dehydrated dog and an asthmatic fox. I don’t know if it’s unethical to give a fox a puff of albuterol, but it worked. Saved the fox’s life. Dog wasn’t so lucky. But that’s just how it goes I guess? I don’t know, dreams don’t make sense. If you know someone well, they’ll be there, and they’ll be them, or at least how you perceive them. Haven’t seen someone in a long time, or don’t know them that well, and two people bleed together. Or one face represents a different mind. Someone you hate looks like someone you like. Then you wake up and you’re powerfully thirsty and you don’t have a cup of water nearby so you have to make a decision: go back to bed and get more rest, or get up, have a delicious glass of water, and start your day?


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