Tar Fume Cartoons

Posted: April 5, 2016 in Uncategorized

Truth is a hard thing to come by. In honesty, it comes only from unwavering, dedicated, obsessive studying of data. Observations for hours and hours, and then maybe, perhaps, a truth will reveal itself to the individual seeking it. Then, in their excitement, they will run to others and say “Behold, a truth!” Those who feel inclined to agree will clap their hands and tell the people that they know, so that this information passes down further and further away from the academic. Those inclined to disagree will fold their arms, lifting their heads up and away by only 10 or 20 degrees and say “I don’t quite believe it.” But neither group will duplicate the obsession, the research. And so all the information that we think we know tends to come from the mouths of others, and others before them. We think we know an awful lot about this world and the people in it, but so few of us are scientists.


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