Three Greens in the Whisper

Posted: April 9, 2016 in Uncategorized

Party aftermath, that familiar scene of chairs moved around in formations that make no sense without bodies to fill them, of fast food bags and empty beer bottles strewn about. For the partygoers, it is their legacy, a monument to their attendance and festivity, left to be observed by so few, like a hidden park or hard to reach monument. For the party host, it is a task, a chore. Something that may be put off while watching the day’s baseball games and handled one or two items at a time in between innings or hitters who stand virtually no chance. In a way, it too is a motivator, a way to scorch the earth and say here now, must I plant my vegetable garden. A house dirtied to the point of inhospitality must be cleaned, in such a way that the leftover dirty sock or the plate from three dinners ago does not command the same urgency. The party is a call to action that lasts beyond the question mark posted on the invitation, it lasts well into the following days, resetting dominoes to be knocked over again and again.


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