Sleeping in Shifts

Posted: April 11, 2016 in Uncategorized

The cool breeze of the afternoon smells like clean laundry. But not like actual clean laundry, because I’m putting doing that off for the day most likely. No, it smells the way that in your head clean laundry smells, when you watch the commercial on TV and put down the fork long enough to stare at the towel hung on a clothesline in an unpopulated glade at least 30 miles away from civilization. The sun beams down proudly on those linens, sucking all moisture from them and probably stiffening them to uncomfortable levels, but that’s the ideal we look for: an antiquated image that even our grandparents would struggle at times to identify with. We know what we think it looks like, we think we know what it smells like, but we just chuck all of our wet clothes into a big white cube and let progress sort it all out. Because we’re a civilized people, god damn it.


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