Superficial and Deep

Posted: April 18, 2016 in Uncategorized

Came back from the weekend away, with a stack of emails and a largely clean house, three bags full of dirty clothes and acquisitions and poorly attempted plans, all tucked in and secured. Now they’re (mostly) empty, one put away with its contents largely in tact, one emptied and returned to the closet, the other resting next to me, still holding things I have yet to find the energy or motivation to put away. Likewise, my bed is inviting and open, a simple creature comfort spread out and eager to take me in, but I am resisting it. After a whole weekend apart from getting things done, I’ve already tackled a few projects (short and long) and am trying to get to a more comfortable spot with what needs doing before I let my bed take me in. It’s part of the reason I sleep so poorly, is that sometimes inspiration hits and expectations seem within reach that I stay up later than I need to. Especially knowing that I could sleep right now, most likely.


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