Cast Out In Tide

Posted: April 25, 2016 in Uncategorized

Inside of every thing, every person, every animal, every murderer and burglar and arson, every infant and child, every hamburger and DVD, are molecules. Different elements and particles that while we may not be able to shape directly, to go in and rewrite the genetic code to speak, we can control their vessels. We can procreate, we can blow glass, we can cook and forge and whittle and produce any number of things that are, if you get down to the brass tacks of things, moving molecules around and sticking them together. But then we don’t look at that microperspective, we just order a piece of furniture from a catalog, and either expect someone to produce and deliver it or compartmentalize it and ship it in a box, so that we can do the simple work ourselves. But man, the things to into that, the medicine we take, the alcohol we drink. We are rewriting the universe with every decision. Reality is a document that everyone has edit access to at all times, and somehow we expect the end result to be coherent and fulfilling.


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