Long, Deep Breathing

Posted: May 15, 2016 in Uncategorized

Alright, see all these things waiting around for you? These cars paused in the streets, these birds left hovering in mid-flight, their wings still beating a strong pulse as you have mere microseconds to react to the threat around you? They’re needing you to do something. To step in front of the attack that’s coming for you, or to do something unnaturally fast and strong to prevent the sudden dip in adrenaline headed your way. So think it over, but not too long, because the actual passage of time is but a blip, a hiccup in not just the big picture, but the day. It’s a frightening thought, that your penultimate moments could be stretched out, like a smear of paint that just reaches across the canvas, perhaps reaching the same slow. That time is not a true thing, a universal experience, but rather it is the measurement of one’s life, and so that you may be gone from “the timeline,” but you are left with a gut wound in a grocery store parking lot, wallet gone, waiting forever for someone to come help you.

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