An Alarm Clock for Bones

Posted: May 28, 2016 in Uncategorized

The past week has been unusual. Unorthodox. Dealing with a temporary situation that, in truth, takes just about all I have to give and leaves me left with an exhausted feeling. Not that I’ve been getting a lot of sleep or great sleep, though the past few days have worked out rather well even if the sleep comes at odd hours, but that’s a bit borne of necessity as well. Thing is that these circumstances are not something I would refer to as my own fault, but are rather temporary in the nature that the right thing is being done, and once it is done, my small little world will be better for it, and I can get back to my greedy quiet solitude, my long hours of work and consumption, and return to the cycles to which I am most accustomed. Some people relish the vacation, and there is some great truth to that, but the place I’m in in my life, I yearn for the predictability and the constancy.


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