The Weekly Missive

Posted: June 6, 2016 in Uncategorized

Things will be lighter now it seems, for the time being. Life has normalized mostly, and I anticipate to be in fully-restored spirits in a couple of weeks. It took a couple hard nights, some thoughts free of pride and full of shame, some swallowing of the old crow, and a flipping of my sleep schedule, but I am pleased with the end results. I’m feeling better, my outlook is brighter, my disposition sunnier, my hamburger charbroiled. I’m up late tonight, just ate some, I guess technically it was dinner, that’s all out of whack, but I’m tackling all of my work-related concerns in the moment and am pleased with the results. I’ve got some tabs open with some ideas and some plans to get some cleaning (and shaving?) done. (The summer sweat trapped on my upper lip is nigh-unbearable, after all) So enjoy your day, drink your coffee, plan your lunches for the week. I’ll be busy now and sleeping later.


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