Posted: June 7, 2016 in Uncategorized

Long time ago, man used to walk. Man would walk this way and that, over these hills, beyond that mountain. Through the trees. Sand in the feet. Man don’t walk no more though, man made wheel, and wheel does the rolling. Ever since then, man heads downhill. Man compensates, makes devices to turn wheels without being pushed, to fight against hills. It works, but man still moves downhill. And why? Because man must give something up in order to take a wheel and move it up a hill. And that thing gets a cost. And that cost comes from time. And that time is spent earning the necessary items to do one little thing. Just to move uphill. Now man feels strong, can cross any hill, go beyond oceans, chase the horizon. But man still move downhill, tumbling freely and losing what little he has that is precious in the name of moving uphill. If he would only remember to just walk.

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