Cool Thickness

Posted: June 15, 2016 in Uncategorized

A city’s roadways are its veins, its railway blood vessels, the airport is a loud burp or cough expelling the sickness from within, a collection of cells that built a giant monument of themselves and then proceeded to tear it down from the inside. In the streets, they throw chairs, oh how they throw them, and they fight and bicker not out of anger, but because it is some kind of social expectation they have set to themselves. It’s good fun to travel from the kidney to the liver and start a fire, flip a car, because it’s not the liver that they need, but the kidney or the lung. Not realizing that it is such behavior that causes all the cities to burn down, that violence begets violence as growth begets growth. All that remains is smoke and litter and silence, and nobody left to wonder how it all fell apart so hurriedly.


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