The Liquid Ache

Posted: June 20, 2016 in Uncategorized

Looking for respite, inspiration in spades. Trying to do big things, trying to find the right path to take. So now I’m going forward, drinking water, getting sleep, staying on top of a million plates, dancing a thousand steps. Spinning words into tacos, tacos into sustenance, sustenance into companionship. Opening a manila envelope and removing the plastic contents, drumming fingers on tables thinking about what to do next, what’s permissible, if the things I’ve done would be done again, or if I’m good enough to have the confidence to do them. Maybe I’m not a good person, maybe I’m just a bridge to help good people meet other good people. Would that make me good? Would solving a mystery? I’m not too clear on a lot of what’s entailed in this whole existence thing, so all I know is how to stay alive, try to stay happy, try to stay afloat. It’s more than enough to focus on. So just focus on that. Drink more water. Get more sleep.

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