Moon Before Sun

Posted: June 27, 2016 in Uncategorized

Old becomes new, new has become old. We used to sit around in growing bodies talking about nonsense, and now we are growing small, trying to make nonsense seem important. Ebb and flow, yin and yang, hoisin and sriracha. Every day we make time to get the mail, to set aside to watch the television, then we say we have no time to prepare a meal. No time spent to better ourselves physically or mentally. We thumb our noses at those who retreat to recreational drug use as a way to either cope with body chemistry or flee the mundane, and with our otherhand collect a series of supplements and pills designed to make us a better version of ourselves. We order the salad when we want the burger. We order the burger when we need the salad. We’ve become so incapable of listening to our own wishes, wants, desires, and needs, that we turn instead to observing faux-filment from afar. And it has gotten us into a place of complete creature comfort.


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