Seriously Overdue

Posted: July 11, 2016 in Uncategorized

I haven’t shaved in weeks. The beard is coming in, the mustache to accompany it. The latter is a source of great frustration and minor insanity for me. The beard is getting to be a good length. Not itchy, well-bodied, framing my jaw well. But the hair on my upper lip I can never ever get used to it. It gets too coarse, it prickles even my own skin. My lip sweats and I can not reach most of it, it remains trapped beneath the hair. And when the mustache goes, so too goes the beard. I tried having just the one once, and I enjoyed it for a bit, but it was not a great look for me (or most people, probably) and after a few weeks, so too did the beard go down the drain, deforested from my face in a matter of minutes. So I return to that spot, razor in hand, ready to clear a path for my features to touch the open air again, dreading the moment in which the hair returns.


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