Posted: July 12, 2016 in Uncategorized

I was awake through the noble games, watching images from a distant land as they illuminated my room only to be swallowed up by rising sunlight. I have put off a return to normalcy for as long as it made sense to do so, but now I crave it. I have let Occam’s razor run its course and find its way to a path of one tired set of legs, seeking rest and returning on the other side of the moon. Part of me wishes that there was a simpler way, one that involved less adjustment, less explanation. The other part of me is happy to explore every line of the map and return to my starting point, X degrees west of the meridian. There is simplicity in these days, where I spend my mornings quietly, eating a breakfast of yogurt and grains, thumbing through a newspaper and making quick work of the household chores before the taste of adventure begins quickening at my heel.


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