A Collection of Discarded Plastics

Posted: July 18, 2016 in Uncategorized

Early to bed, earlier than desired to rise. But a productive morning capped off with a little blogging and some pizza, there are worse ways for time to be spent. When every day’s a Thursday, you don’t dread Mondays anymore. Plan for the rest of the day? More work. Read a book, maybe clean the house a little bit. Relax in the late afternoon/evening, then fall asleep. Simple goals. Got a task of things to write piled up at the moment, it is the start of the week after all, and I will most likely take out at least half of them today if I’m really pushing myself. Afterwards, when people are more awake and I can be free to make some sounds around the house, then I’ll clean up. Do the dishes. Do a load of laundry.  Et cetera. For now, some blogging and a little pizza, that’s how I start the week.


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