Posted: August 4, 2016 in Uncategorized

a conundrum was just realized unto me, that i have to spend my time making money so that i can do the things i want to do, but if i just spent my time doing those i could also make money and then not have to do the things i don’t want to to make a living

so then there is a luxury afforded the wealthy, those who antecede those who lived a hard, miserable life full of sacrifice, and now i see the end of the ouroboros, that you can work and be miserable and the payoff comes from knowing that your offspring will not need to, though you might hope they will just so the cycle can continue, that the snake can once more find its tail

but what of those who have no children, those who are the end of the line, is it their lot to work as well, or is misery simply the tax of the procreator, that in order to put another body on this rock they must pay for it in sweat and callous


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