Secure Channel Seagull

Posted: August 7, 2016 in Uncategorized

How many things do you think about in your life? People can usually think of a few things at a time, though not very thoroughly. Then sometimes people don’t think of anything at all. I’ve done that, and it’s always a little embarrassing to catch yourself doing it. Especially in my case, as it usually involves the mouth hanging open more than just a little bit and a distant look in my eyes. And that’s why I (and many others) have this secret worry that maybe life isn’t as we perceive it, but it’s a little St. Elsewhere, if you catch my drift. That all the world’s a stage to make us feel better about some horrible circumstance. I think a lot of all the divergent paths of a life, and sometimes feel I can detect the moments at which one of my many parallel doors slams shut suddenly. I know that’s probably just the crazy talking, but sometimes I can swear it’s real and it’s terrifying and yet comforting to know that as long as there is more than one path to take, I carry on in some other fashion.

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