Soft Knocks

Posted: August 11, 2016 in Uncategorized

Worked up a sweat cleaning all night. Living room is pretty much where I want it. Kitchen needs a deep cleaning. Bathroom too. Don’t get me started on closets, I’m not even dealing with that this week. Bedroom, though. Clean bedroom is the dream project. Don’t expect to get there, but it could happen. Still, a lot has to go down between now and then. Lot of work to do. Weekend events. Go live, do some streaming. At least tomorrow. Maybe on the weekend too. Got some sorting projects and some creative endeavors that are back-burnered as well. Might get to them. Might not. Sleeping is going to be sporadic and weird. It’s in an unfortunate spot. The part of the day where I can’t just let it naturally cycle through like all other things do. Polite society and the people I care about are too affected by it. So a flip is coming soon. And with it, more productivity for a while, until things right themselves again.


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