Posted: August 13, 2016 in Uncategorized

The human body is such a mystery. I was sitting on the floor, working on a 3-day project. I’d been up for hours, been productive, felt totally normal. All of a sudden I start coughing. Follow that up with all-over body aches and general feverishness without the temperature. Still got the cough, still got the aches. Took a hot shower, felt better while in the shower, felt the same when I got out. Going to try and sleep on it, if I don’t feel better in the morning, call the doctor, make an appointment. If I feel too crappy to sleep, call the doctor. Basically my options are feel better or call doctor. I don’t like being sick, and ever since I’ve moved and cut out most of the stress in my life, it only happens to me maybe a couple times a year at most. So when it hits me my body screams for a vacation and shuts down. Thing is I don’t mind certain aspects of it. I just prefer to feel well.


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