Posted: August 18, 2016 in Uncategorized

It’s a weird morning in the desert. The full moon and the artificial light are combining to make it look like dawn throughout. The smells of autumn are beginning to waft, the fragrant mesquite smoke wafting slowly through the air. Bats and birds are chirping and squeaking. If you took a photo and exposed it to more light than usual, and that photo could somehow have accompanying sound, you might mistake it for the early morning, save for the lack of cars on the streets. And I am there, walking, trudging slowly the tenth of a mile to my mailbox, tucking an electric bill under my arm and flipping through a circular looking for fast food coupons. Finding none, I throw the whole thing in the mail trash receptacle and use my now free hand to cover my mouth as I force out a loud cough and discard the result onto the pavement. It could be morning somewhere, it is simply still the middle of the night here.


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