Posted: August 22, 2016 in Uncategorized

A week after my doctor’s trip and so far I am feeling better. Not like, BETTER, but improved. Improved to the point that now when I cough, disgusting things come up out of my lungs instead of just taking up residency. It ain’t pretty, but it’s relieving. And it beats the alternative. But it does mean a lot of throat clearing. Maybe the best part are the allergy pills, which, when taken as instructed, cause me to have long, dreamful sleeps. Rarely upsetting, very very restful. I could get used to that, but I am also terrified that once the illness is over, I will have gotten used to it, and sleep will only come with difficulty. Not that that’s anything new. I can always just stay up and do things. Story of my life right there, staying up and doing things. Eating noodles. Typed it as noofles. Why isn’t that a word? Noofles.

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