Miniscule Sweat

Posted: August 26, 2016 in Uncategorized

Been doing housework for the past hour or so, and then went down to get the mail (which I forgot I already picked up yesterday evening) and now I’m a little warm. Haven’t taken a shower yet today, so that’s sounding pretty good, but there’s still some vacuuming and some cleaning to do in the living room at least. Also still coughing up tiny blobs of mucus, which I would love to stop happening, but I’m glad that it’s that instead of all that gunk living around inside of me. Weekend plans? Probably business as usual. I do have some reviews to write and some phone calls to make, but I imagine it’ll just be pretty relaxed, pretty quiet. Now it’s just a matter of much can I get done before I say no mas and jump in the shower, because once I’m clean, housework is going to seem really unpalatable.


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