Box Mountain

Posted: September 20, 2016 in Uncategorized

Still a lot to do. The living room is mostly packed up, with boxes towering against the walls and now in the middle of the room. Took the couch I bought a decade ago and put it out on the patio: it’s dead. Moving that old piece of furniture made my allergies go berzerk. But it does make cleaning and packing my bedroom much, much easier. So that’s my plan for today: finish packing up the living room (not much left to do there) and then start doing the heavy cleaning in the bedroom. Once that’s done, that just leaves the closets, and then after the closets, it’s time to deep clean the apartment. When that’s done, we’ll close out the kitchen and then be done with the apartment and the move. When I type it all out like that, it seems so close, but I don’t think that’s the actual reality of the situation whatsoever. Yet, I have to try anyways.

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