The Shelf

Posted: September 22, 2016 in Uncategorized

I used to sing a lot. Sang on the way to work sometimes. Sang on the way home from work most of the time. Sang at karaoke nights at bars, sang while playing Rock Band or Karaoke Revolution or Singstar. Most people said I was good at it. Some other people who were actually involved in making music at least some of the time said I was flat (yeah, I remember). And I probably am, what with my weird sinuses and whatnot. But I used to love singing. I do it every once in a while now, when the house is empty save for me and I can crank up the music. Now in the new house, I won’t really be able to get that time. So maybe it’s time I start loading up a portable music player with some music and get away from the houses of the neighborhood a bit. Or it’s time that I start inviting people over to play Rock Band again. But I think I’d like to shake the rust off of my singing voice.


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