Out of Orders

Posted: October 11, 2016 in Uncategorized

I had intended to sleep last night, even for maybe just a couple of hours, before having to get up and leave for my doctor’s appointment (any minute now), but then a funny thing happened. I was holding a book in one hand for work, reading it one chapter at a time, and also browsing some websites for inspiration, less so for work, and then was getting ready to take a little break from all that multi-tasking and take a beat to breathe. Then the internet started acting weird. Everything broke except Facebook, and even then Facebook was just barely working. Then everything died. And for four hours, I was without internet. Now, when the power goes out, so do I. I just nap right then and there usually. When the internet goes out, I feel compelled to keep an eye on it, to know when it returns. So I was up all night, getting caught up on TV, reading, organizing, and now I’m going to go to my doctor’s appointment (times two), do a little grocery shopping, come home, and certainly almost immediately fall asleep.


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