Posted: October 17, 2016 in Uncategorized

Moving is finally done. We have to drop the keys off in the morning and pay for the carpet cleaning, which makes things super-tight financially, but after this month it should be much better. Ah well. Now I’m just tired. I spent so much time sneezing on the final day of cleaning that I felt genuinely sick. Slept it off for a while, woke up and it was dark out, but I felt better. Still, just tired. My plans are to be productive, get work done, but not get too crazy. I’m gonna work on a couple boxes a day, get things more organized, more tidy. Get laundry done. Clean clean clean, work work work. By November, it should be life as normal. Looking forward to that. But for now, feeling tired, getting things done, writing in blogs. Doctors appointments. Cleaning. Getting a more normal sleep schedule, for a while. Then do it all over again.


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