Cold Turkey

Posted: October 25, 2016 in Uncategorized

Haven’t been taking my allergy meds because I’m waiting on an upcoming allergy test to go through, and the last time I went, I forgot to stop taking them, so nothing happened. Now, I’m feeling the twinges of allergies in my head, and it’s not great, but I can deal with it for now. Basically my plan is to just push on, get it over with, go back on the meds, feel great again, keep working, keep building, feeling good, more more more.


I feel really kind of helpless right now in a lot of ways, things are not going super well on a lot of fronts, but I see the light. I see solid ground and I am running and climbing for it. So I’m not down about it, it just feels like a lot of struggle now and I look forward to when I can simply reap the benefits of my hard work.


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