Any Time You Want To Stop

Posted: November 1, 2016 in Uncategorized

I’ve been off my allergy meds for nearly 2 weeks now, waiting for my allergy test. (It’s Friday, and it’s Friday because I messed up and kept taking my meds when I was supposed to stop.) So here’s the test results in advance: my allergies are killing me. It’s always the transitional seasons that get me. Spring 1000% times worse than autumn, but sudden shifts in temperature seem to affect me greatly, especially during daylight hours. Maybe this is why I sleep all day. I spent the afternoon sneezing and feeling generally heavy-headed and lethargic. Come Friday, they’ll poke me with the allergens, my arm will probably swell up like a bubble wrap balloon, I’ll go home and hopefully end up winning a lifetime supply of Zyrtec. I wasn’t really realizing how bad the allergies were until they came back. But then, that’s just sort of how health works, isn’t it? You don’t remember the specifics of the pain, just that it was there.


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