Zen Location

Posted: November 10, 2016 in Uncategorized

Whatever you end up doing, or did, and you know you did, just go ahead and apologize for it. Feign dumb if you must, if you absolutely need each tiny shred of dignity, but reserve those moments for white lies. When you think you may have hurt someone, swallow and discard what you have reserved in those moments and respond. The alternative is letting a silence settle over things, which can be an innocent nothing if there is truly no harm done, or it can be an echo chamber if things are left unsaid or an uneasy silence settles. So whatever you say, whatever you do, expect that you have hurt someone, and be prepared to mend. It is a low risk low reward scenario where the worst that can happen is people will be tired of your apologies, but they will never think that you are malicious if your apologies are frequent and earnest.


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